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Posted in Education Now, while most online students cite the need for a stable and reliable internet connection as the only thing that they need to succeed, the truth is far from that. The utilization of smart phones for this purpose may be advisable, but some online students contend with the fact that the use of such expensive gadgets and devices defeat the purpose of online courses being cost-efficient and affordable.

In order to excel, though, one can make do without those expensive gadgets and devices. True, iPads, Tablets and other technological devices are useful and that they make the learning experience more mobile and that they grant flexibility, they pale in comparison when compared to the importance of the things found listed below.

Printers / Fax Machines / Scanners While there are plenty of students that think that online courses have actually freed them from the burden of having to keep hard copies for themselves, plenty of online students still prefer the use of printed materials. Keep in mind that some e-books cannot be read on some tablet devices, and that these e-books may be important for the course matter. Having them printed out helps the student carry them wherever they want and read them while reducing radiation. Plus, if they are lost, the student can easily print them out again as compared to the risk of losing tablets and other expensive gadgets if they the student were to always take their tablet with them.

Fax Machines and Scanners also help in this regard as there are cases wherein students may want to interact with each other, or handouts and other written output to each other that are not easy to convert into Word documents and the likes. Software for Note-Taking and Sharing An online course does not defeat the purpose of having classmates, but rather, it strengthens it. Yes, majority of the time, students gain access to their course materials and that the teachers leave these students to learn on their own, facilitating only every now and then. However, this does not mean that students cannot communicate with each other and ask for help when they have a hard time understanding a certain subject matter.

Thus, it is important that a student have access to note-taking software such as Evernote to not only take notes, but, to share them with other students. Access to a Library While it is said that the internet is the world’s largest library and source of information, it, at times, however, proves to be inefficient. There are certain references that are related to the course that cannot be found online and that to be a more proactive student, it is important to take information from other materials as well, materials of which can only be legally found through libraries.

Now, while it can be argued that the need for a microphone and a webcam is also important when it comes to human resource courses by online courses Australia, they still pale in comparison compared to the impact and significance those stated above. It is important to supplement Online courses Australia’s security courses with various other sources for it to be efficient and for a student to excel.

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