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Plagiarism is a rising but undiscussed issue. This issue is not only causing students to procrastinate but also lacking the creativity issues among them. Copy/pasting other’s hard work and presenting it in your own name is basically plagiarism. This clearly causes an unfair activity with the original creator of content. If you are one of the students or writers which are doing such deed, then this the time when you should stop and start creating. It might be a crappy looking piece of work in the start but having a satisfaction of creation is better than copying all of it.


This is the best option to prevent from stealing content. When you are writing a topic whether it’s an assignment or an article, do not start writing blindly. When a student is in hurry or the ideas are unwilling to come, then they simply focus on completing the work no matter how that will happen. Instead of that, one should research around the web and collect the discussion and ideas all over the web. No matter how much you know about something, the research will always give you something extra or a completely new topic that you have not heard before. Without research, the lack of assurance can come. You might exactly know about something but since it’s only coming from your brain can raise a doubt. Research is not only about getting new ideas but it’s a method of reassuring your own ideas too.

Article Rewritter tool:-

Tools over the web can sometimes be of great help. Article rewriter tools basically help a writer save their time. This is not recommended for every time though but only in the case of time-saving or meeting deadlines. Use this method as a last resort. Article rewriter tool basically rewrites the content with a whole different paragraph while keeping the same context and meaning of the original sentence or paragraph. These tools paraphrase the sentence completely and rearrange the words in such a way that, it looks completely new. It replaces the original content with better synonyms and corrects any surface errors or grammatical errors. This tool saves a heck of a time and prevents plagiarism to take birth in your article or assignment. You can use pre post SEO Article Rewriter, it’s very easy to use. Once again this is not recommended and should be used as a last resort.

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Understand copyright:-

Well, this is not only wrong but is illegal too. Let us see it this way. What if you have taken out several hours of your busy time and after a good hard work, you end up writing an amazing article and submit it online. After a few hours, you read an article that completely resembles yours. What is the first thought that will come to your mind? Sue the person who copied it. Exactly like how it will hurt you, it can hurt others too who are doing tons of hard work for quality writing. Bigger blogs and sites can actually file a case if you completely copy from them which can bring your site down and you might end up paying a huge sum of a fine. This is a clear case of copywriting and it will affect you legally and you may permanently lose your respect over the web. Even after that, if you end up writing something on your own that is actually good but people will avoid reading it because of your rep. So avoid such mishap and bring quality from the start.

Use plagiarism checker tool to prevent plagiarism.


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