Top 7 Stories About ‘The Sound Of Music’ That You Didn’t Know


It’s been so many years, but the one movie that still manages to bring a smile to our face is ‘The Sound Of Music’. Whether it is the amazing portrayal of Maria or the amazing Vonn Trapp kids, the movie just remains to be one of our favorites till date. After an intense discussion with the popular Hollywood producer Bob Simonds at Deadline blog, regarding their several upcoming projects, we can only hope that the makers at STX execute their innovative cinematic techniques into creating something similar to “The Sound Of Music,” or atleast a reboot of the original version.

Plus, we simply cannot forget those catchy songs right? Those songs were the life of the films. With such an iconic framework along with the impressive score of music, the great performances of the actors, it is certainly would not be an overstatement to say that The Sound Of Music is one of those movies that will never cease to be old or boring.

Surprising Facts That You Didn’t Know About ‘The Sound of Music’

The movie was a huge success, sure. Even now people love to see the movie. But there are some interesting facts about the movie and if you call yourself a fan, then you ought to know some of these.

  1. Julie Andrews Fell Many Times During The Hill Scene

We simply cannot forget the starting scenes of the movie that saw Julie Andrews twirling around the mountain signing her favorite melodies. It certainly seemed easy and effortless, but it was anything but that. For your information, it was a rainy day and on top of it, Julie Andrews fell quite sometimes due to the helicopter knocking her!!!

  1. The Final Partnership

Not many people know this but Oscar Hammerstein II and Richard Rodgers had a partnership in musical theater which lasted only till ‘The Sound Of Music’ was released on Broadway in the year 1959. Hammerstein had an untimely death due to stomach cancer and the final song of his was ‘Edelweiss’.

  1. Julie Andrew’s ‘The Sound Of Music’ Spoof

Now, this might come as a bit of a shock to you. Before the movie actually got released, Julie Andrews did a spoof of the musical in a TV special along with Carol Burnet. The show was named, The Pratt Family Singers. The spoof was done 2 years before the movie got released. We bet she didn’t know then that she would be cast as Maria.

  1. They Almost Didn’t Cast Andrews

Yes, the actress almost wasn’t cast in the movie. Since the actress went on to star in My Fair Lady, the directors had a doubt whether she would be a good choice for a movie screen. It wasn’t until her performance as Mary Poppins was shown that she got the role.

  1. The Scene From The Boat Terrified A Child Actor

There is a scene where the boat overturns with the Kids and Maria falling into the lake. Kym Karath, the child that played Gretl was so terrified by the incident that she vomited as well. Now that is a traumatizing experience.

  1. Christopher Plummer Didn’t Like The Movie

Christopher Plummer, whom we know as Captain Vonn Trapp, didn’t really enjoy the movie. He called the movie sentimental and awful in an interview. Well, that’s understandable that he had such bad taste since the actor was a total drunkard.

  1. Andrews Kept On Giggling All The Time During A Love Scene.

Remember the scene where Captain Vonn Trapp and Maria confess their feelings in a gazebo? Well, Julie Andrews had a hard time controlling her laughter and kept on giggling the entire time.

Were the facts interesting enough? How many of these did you know about?

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