Tips for Teaching Your Children about the Bible


For many of us, our religion is the cornerstone of our lives; those core beliefs about the nature of reality, and how we are supposed to live, permeate every aspect of our existence. Naturally, we have the desire to teach our children about our faith and instill the values we hold dear. For Christians, this means delving into the teachings of the Bible. If you are not sure how to go about incorporating these teachings into your child’s religious education, here are some helpful tips for you: Read the Bible Everyday Reading the bible on a daily basis shows your children the importance of God in your life, and this will motivate him to show the same devotion. Whether you just read a few verses or an entire chapter, do not skip it.

While you are reading, ask your children questions to ensure they understand what is being read to them. Instill a sense of urgency into your speech—you do not want your children to be bored or fall asleep during this time. This daily reading creates a wonderful opportunity for discussion with your children and a chance to really teach them something.

Keep Plenty of Children’s Bibles and Christian Books in the Home Besides your family Bible time, make sure your children always have access to a good children’s bible appropriate for their age. This way, they can read it anytime they want, and it will be in a form easy for them to understand. There are countless kid-appropriate books about Christianity that are great tools for illustrating core tenets of the religion and the Bible.

Another good set of books to have on hand are biographies about Christians. When teaching children about religious values you hope to instill in them, it is important for them to learn about people who exemplify them. These are particularly good for family reading time as they present a great chance to discuss the good and bad decisions these people have made and how it affected others.

Tap into the Power of Music Music can be a very powerful tool for teaching children about the Bible and helping them memorize Scripture. You can find many CDs full of catchy, well-written songs that make it easy to memorize passages. They are likely available in stores that sell religious items, and if not, most certainly online. Look for music made by Christian musicians—many make music geared specifically towards children and teenagers.

Teach a Bible Class Whether you home school your children or receive a traditional education, consider teaching a Bible class one day each week. The thought of this may seem daunting at first glance, but you can find oodles of resources to help you; the internet is full of free bible lessons for children and other tools for parents looking to teach their children about religion in a more ‘’formal’’ way.

Put God’s Word into Practice You are teaching your children about the Bible because you want them to be good Christians. Finding ways for your children to apply this information in real life is a crucial part of the process. Encourage your children to speak kindly to one another and handle conflicts in a peaceful way. Get them involved in volunteer work; have them reach out to neighbors about helping with chores.

Putting his word into practice is not just about the children. If you truly want your children to absorb these ideas and live them out in everyday life, you must set a good example. What you do will speak volumes over what you say to them.

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