Tips for Making a Good Impression on Your Boss


We all do little things to impress the boss, but how do you show your value in a company without coming across as “teacher’s pet”? Trying to outdo your co-workers or constantly offering your boss coffee might make you look desperate. On the other hand, a positive impression is key. We’ve thought up some helpful tips that’ll make you stand out in a good way, and won’t compromise your integrity. If you want to work in the executive suites someday, this tips are invaluable.

Show Up on Time and Be Productive You might be able to get away with being late every once in a while, but your bosses will definitely take notice if it starts to become a regular habit. If you want to make a stellar impression, you should strive to be early or on time every single day. If you start work at 8:30, you should be at your desk and ready to work at that time, not just strolling in to get a cup of coffee and make a pit stop in the bathroom.

It is just as important to stay productive throughout the day. Sure, you can take a break now and then, but try to keep chatting with coworkers and web surfing to a minimum. Take Initiative and Communicate Your Ideas If you are just spending the day going through the motions, you won’t really stand out to your boss. Instead of wasting time in between projects and assignments, use the time to reflect on your performance and learn as much as you can. Just finishing your work on time is not enough to make a good impression. Show your boss that you are a person that likes to take initiative, especially when your boss is looking for a favor.

If you’ve got a great idea for a project or a suggestion to improve the efficiency of your commercial office space, be sure to share it. Your boss may or may not implement the idea, but they will at least appreciate that you took the time.

Dress Appropriately The old saying “dress for the job you want to have” really holds a lot of weight. Your appearance will make a big impression on your superiors. If you want them to think highly of you and increase your chance of promotion, you have to dress accordingly. Business casual may be the standard of dress in your office space, but steer clear of wrinkled t-shirts and jeans every day. Wearing clothes that are smart and professional will go a long way toward making the right impression. You would be surprised how much of a difference wearing nice clothes can make.

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