Best Educational Games

The Best Educational Games To Start Playing With Your Child


Children’s educational games – this is the best way to interest your beloved child in gaining new knowledge. The process of acquaintance of a kid with a computer in our modern dynamic world can not be stopped, therefore it is necessary toshow the child really useful, kind and high-quality teaching materials. On our portal, the education of children becomes fascinating, exciting and interesting, which makes the acquisition and consolidation of skills easy and enjoyable.

Manamonster presents a large section of simple games for toddlers, adapted specifically for the smallest children. Simple and colorful tasks using interactive technologies will allow them to learn and to explore the world with pleasure.
Do not forget that the children really need help in studying the surrounding world, and it depends only on you how the baby will grow up and who it will become. Help your child fulfill tasks, overcome obstacles, praise him, and we will introduce your children to the surrounding delightful world in the most natural and interesting for them game form.

Best Educational Games

You can start from these great games:

1. Superhero Cars Coloring Book

Imagine that you have an opportunity to develop the appearance of cars for many superheroesin Superhero Cars Coloring Book. At the beginning of the game you will see black and white images of various heroes and their cars. You have to click one of them with your mouse. Then it will open for you. Imagine how you would like it to look. Then, using paint and brushes, start painting it in different colors. If you do not like something, then you can erase the color from this area with the eraser. When everything is done, you can print this image.

2. Little Princess Puzzle Game 2

Tianahas a new friend- Lady Bug. Now they arethe best friends. To make the little ones not get bored and to do something, let’s come up with games and solve puzzlestogether. There are some game tips, but you will also have to find solutions for puzzles yourself. Good luck!

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