Cool Clothing for Camps, Proms and Teachers


When you’re working with kids, especially in large numbers or in situations in outside environments, it pays to be easily identifiable but it also helps when you can identify the kids that you’re supposed to be looking after. That’s why specially designed and colorful clothing is so popular within the educational field – helping you to distinguish exactly who is in your group and who isn’t.

Less restrictive than uniform This is slightly different to the idea of a uniform, although there are some crossovers. The idea of a uniform is to ensure everybody looks the same. This is supposed to encourage better discipline and remove the pressure of having to wear your own clothes which can be a tricky and difficult area for some kids to navigate if their family income is substantially lower than that of their peers.

Whatever you think of the idea of the uniform – and opinions vary wildly – is an issue for another day. However, when we’re talking about special events, having clothing that can be identified easily can come in very useful and this is where hoodies and other branded clothing come into play. Event clothing Throughout the course of the school year there are many events, both social and formal, that need a great deal of organizing.

 School trips are particularly relevant because they involve taking the kids out of the more stable environment of the classroom and into more challenging situations with greater risks. It might be possible to keep a uniform policy (if you have one) on short, one day trips but over longer periods it’s not really practical (or fair) to keep kids in uniform. However, you do need a way to keep everyone together and safe, which is where colored t-shirts, hoodies and sweaters come in. If the kids are all wearing the same top you can keep your eyes on them more easily but they won’t feel branded as part of the school.

Divisional clothing It can also be a great way of distinguishing between different groups on trips and at camps. By separating the kids into groups or teams, you can make groups more manageable and build up the idea of teamwork and group identity. It also gives the kids something to permanently remind them of their time away or at camp. They will often treasure these clothes and wear them for years to come which also serves as a handy little branding tool for your school, camp or institution.

Of course, sometimes it just isn’t possible or feasible to make the kids wear these clothes. At a prom, for instance, they’re going to want to dress up in formal clothes for the party. However, this is where the teachers or those in charge can wear the distinguishing clothing so that they can maintain a presence should they be needed.

With high quality hoodies, t-shirts and sweaters from you can ensure that however you decide to keep together, you are doing so with only the very best quality clothing. By only using the best materials and manufacturing processes Clifton Clothing ensure these clothes are built to last; which, when kids are involved, is very reassuring indeed!

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