Benefits of Getting an MBA Degree


The Master of Business Administration (MBA) stands out as one of the most revered degree programs in the world today. Despite the fact that it takes a lot of time, money and commitment for one to get an MBA, there are still several benefits associated with getting the degree such as:

  1. Enhances Leadership Skills
  2. While studying for an MBA, students are trained to handle vigorous assignments, presentations, reports and group projects in the most effective manner. This enables them to develop the much-needed managerial and leadership skills that can help them to deal with real-time situations in the outside world.
  3. Quick Payback
  4. Getting an MBA degree from a well-recognized business school such as Laurier University’s MBA program in Toronto definitely places students in a better position to get jobs offered by prestigious companies. Investment banks and consulting firms are known to be the best paying employers of fresh MBA graduates. This means that upon completing their studies, MBA graduates are sure of getting employed without experiencing hassles. The starting salary and bonuses of fresh MBA graduates have gone up considerable over the past few years. According to recent reports released by the QS World MBA Tour survey, the average salary and bonuses for newly employed MBA graduates has risen by about 16% since the year 2006.
  5. Networking
  6. While still at school, ambitious and intelligent MBA students who are committed to achieving the same goals in the world of business can manage to form networks of business relationships with their colleagues. For instance, the associations created at the Laurier University MBA Toronto during the course of a student’s MBA study are considered to be some of the most valuable resources that students can continue using even after graduating from the school. These meaningful networks can be sought by graduates whenever necessary, especially when they are in need of advice or when they are looking for job leads. In addition, students can meet potential business partners just by staying in touch with their fellow students.
  7. Comprehensive Knowledge
  8. MBA programs play a major role in providing students with a wide knowledge in all areas of business, including marketing, accounting, finance and business-related skills such as project management, human resource management and public speaking.
  9. Career Advancement
  10. Pursuing an MBA degree helps students in climbing the corporate ladder with a promise of a handsome salary package alongside a highly-regarded designation. It is a fact that many organizations, especially large ones always require potential or existing employees to have an MBA degree before being hired or getting a promotion. Even though some employers may require some prior professional experience before considering a person for employment, having an MBA is a clear indication that the applicant is very serious about his or her career goals.
  11. Self-Employment
  12. MBA students in top business schools such as the Laurier University MBA Toronto are equipped with both theoretical and practical skills that they can use to deal with real-world business problems effectively. In the long run, they can easily branch out as independent entrepreneurs and successfully manage their own businesses.

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